Wedding Magician

Close-up magic

Weddings are great events to perform close-up magic, last year alone I entertained at over 50 of them. There’s always plenty of opportunity for me to keep unfamiliar guests, close friends, forgotten relatives, granny and the kiddies totally entertained.

Wedding Breakfast, Table Magic.

Close-up table magic during the Wedding breakfast is an ideal time for some entertainment. Typically your guests will be seated at round top tables which offers the perfect stage for a mini cabaret style performance, however whatever your table size I can perform a great little act designed for lower eye lines which are sure to wow even the most cynical of viewers. Having a working surface is a real luxury for a Magician so expect to see certain magic effects you may not see in a walk about, reception situation.

Whilst the photos are being taken

Typically after the church service photos will be taken, this will take some time usually an hour, weather depending and not everyone will be involved until maybe there’s a group shot.

Having two different sides to the family can sometimes lead to awkward silences and a divide of your guests. Having me entertain some walk around magic will ensure icebreaking moments coupled with stunning close-up sleight of hand illusions allowing your guests to get acquainted, interact and keep them mingling.

Evening reception

After the main meal as coffees and deserts are being served is another good opportunity for some magical entertainment. Once guests have finished their food and the drinks have been flowing the atmosphere lends itself to some fun. Providing the DJ isn’t playing pumping music I can make my way around your guests whether they’re seated or standing and entertain all accordingly.


Adam did a great job. He amazed the children and gave the grown ups that childish sense of wonder you feel when you see tricks done so well. Perfect.

Chris Oldknow

The tricks he did were unusual and really good fun - not just your standard card tricks!.. perfect for moving round groups of people at a party.

Roisin Lee

Adam was fantastic and amazed us with his tricks!

Emma Bagge

He blew everyone's mind. He was friendly with all the guests and his tricks were amazing!!!

Alexa O'Sullivan

Asian Weddings

Asian Weddings are filled with ritual, celebration, vibrancy, colour and my favourite type of food! These spectacular occasions can continue for several days and will typically have many guests in attendance, combining local, religious and family traditions.

Increasingly, Western features are incorporated, such as speeches, the first dance, the traditional wedding cake and of course Magicians. Last year I performed at a stunning Asian Wedding in Stoke Park for close to 500 guests, I helped arrange one other Magician to accommodate everyone seeing Magic so if you’re thinking about hiring me to entertain and you’ve in excess of 250 guests I’d advise considering more than one Magician.

I have in the past been booked to perform for the Henna Party, Mehndi ceremony and also before or after the Grooms procession, the Baraat.

There’s plenty of opportunities to have entertainment throughout the course of your big day(s).